About Us

Sports and Ortho is the leader in rehabilitation of orthopaedic and sports related injuries with a specialty in conditions involving spine, shoulders, and knees.

Our clinicians possess advanced education and training in the diagnosis and treatment protocols for these conditions. Our manual therapy approach has proven to be successful in returning our patients back to full recovery in shorter periods of time. Our advanced knowledge and use of comprehensive and diversified exercise regimens return our athletes to their sport, our weekend warriors to their passion, and our well-elderly to their life. Through the use of our treatment approach our patients see the difference, feel the difference and know the difference when they are back to the sport they love or the golf course they crave.

It's quality, compassion, and individuality that makes us unique. We are the big neighborhood practice with the small clinic feel. Personalized attention, one on one care, and our commitment to excellence are what set us up apart from the rest. We know you have a choice of where you go for your physical therapy. We hope that you will consider trying the clinic that works for you 100% to get you where you want to be.