Injured Worker Rehabilitation

Have you been injured and are no longer able to work? Here at Sports and Ortho Physical Therapy we specialize in helping injured workers get back to work. Through a comprehensive rehabilitation program designed specifically for you and based on your job requirements, treatment can include any or all of the following: manual therapy, therapeutic and prescriptive exercises, functional movement training and posture and body mechanics education. We offer all services from acute post injury, to work conditioning and hardening, and Functional Capacity Evaluations.

What sets Sports and Ortho apart from all the other clinics is our focus on finding the REAL CAUSE of the injury, not just treating your symptoms. If you injured your back picking something up, why did that happen in the first place? What biomechanical faults exist in your body that caused the back to be injured when you lifted? That is the difference at Sports and Ortho. We are trained movement specialists who find the cause to make sure that the injury never happens again. We want to help you be able to move without pain and return to your job duties safely, effectively, and in a faster period of time.

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