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Patient Testimonials

  • This is the second time that I have had PT at this location. The first time in 2013 after a torn meniscus, and again in 2019 after TKR. The care here is amazing. Both the therapists and the aides are very helpful and take the time to explain how to do exercises and how a small change in how you do it makes a big difference. The other thing that makes Sports and Ortho special, is that they treat the whole body not just one joint.

    Linda B

  • Before physical therapy, I had bad pain in my right foot almost every day. Thanks to all of the staff members, now I have very little pain.

    Lemon G

  • I was referred to the facility by a close friend and neighbor who spoke very highly of his experience. I needed rehab after total replacement of my left hip. My experience has been excellent. Most importantly, effective in getting back to normal. Along the way, they were extremely friendly, very professional, and very personable. I would not hesitate to refer anyone to the facility. Big shout out to Christy, Dana, Tim, Jess, Pam and Stacey! They worked great as a team, and I will miss their smiling faces!

    William H

  • I had Travis and Dana who were both wonderful and caring. They were able to really fix my problem. I do have to say that everyone was involved with my care. They all work so well together to make sure the clients are cared for. I was impressed and appreciated all of the help. Great job and very nice people

    Darlene S

  • Before I started therapy, I could not get a good night’s  sleep, could not lie or sleep on my sides, had to put a pillow between my legs to get some relief, was hard to get in and out of bed, could not go up and down steps without holding onto a railing, had to use a cane to do long walking, had to take my time getting out of the car and could only do light house work. NOW I can do ALL of the above with ease. My therapist was wonderful. I will always request him. The whole crew is great. Keep up the good work Travis. You are great. “My guy”

    Virginia A

  • I can now walk longer with less discomfort. Staff member in charge of my rehab was Lauren. She is most helpful, efficient and encouraging. All of the staff is very polite and helpful.

    Margaret M

  • Before I came to Sports and Ortho, I had pain in my left shoulder and numbness in my arm. I am a painter/engineer, and I was not able to do my job without pain or numbness. Thanks to Lauren and her team Stacy, Tim and Pam for showing me proper way to stretch – it makes a huge difference when you’re doing them the right way. Lauren was fabulous. She massaged all the knots and tension out of me. I would recommend this place to everyone. It is a five star plus operation. Thanks for everything. PS – can’t wait to play golf.

    Joseph D

  • Sports and Ortho is a great place to go for physical therapy. I was limited in climbing stairs, bending and walking long distances. Sports and Ortho’s therapies allowed me to work out the stiffness in my muscles and pain in my neck, legs and lower back. With continued therapies at home, I am able to resume my daily activities. I am extremely satisfied with the end result and Lauren (therapist) was fantastic. Thank you!

    Javier Z

  • Great knowledge, equipment, and vibes at Sports & Ortho. It’s my second time here and if I ever need another PT clinic, I’m going back a third time.

    Dan M.

  • Thank You Sports and Ortho! Once again you made my broken down body strong again. Thank you Caitlin for all you have done. Your your knowledge and skills go beyond comprehension… Thanks to Chrissy and Sam as well, you guys are awesome and Chrissy’s Dry Needling is a Godsend!

    Thomas H.

  • When I first started therapy I was in moderate pain. Having physical therapy here at Beverly helped me get backed to where I was. I can do day-to-day activities pain-free. I also learned how important stretching is thanks to Jessica. Her and Tim made me feel comfortable with all the stretches. Overall, Sports & Ortho provided great customer service!

    Howard J.

  • My knee was  in pain before surgery. Christy showed me very helpful stretching techniques before surgery and after. Christy and the rest of the staff are outstanding. I will recommend Sports & Ortho to everyone I know!

    William S.

  • I had stiffness in my calf and ankle area. I feel a lot better than when I first came. The biggest benefit for me was learning numerous ways to exercise certain areas pertaining to my problem. The best benefit is once I learned these exercises, I could do them on my own at home. Jessica & Dana are the best and I would recommend them.

    Geraldine W.

  • Before I came to Sports & Ortho, I wasn’t able to put on my shoes & socks, bend my knee to my chest, or pickup objects on the floor. Walking was difficult without a cane and it was difficult to get out of bed easily. Now, thanks to my professionals, I’m able to live life to the fullest! Thanks to Christy & Dana for all your help. Love you guys!

    Elaine G.

  • “Wow! What a great place. I’ve been to 2 different Physical Therapists before I found Sports Ortho and the experiences were all very very different. At Sports Ortho  you really get the bang for your buck. Each session is 2 hours long. Which includes soft tissue massages, cardiovascular work, extensive stretching, and a more focused and intensive treatment that is based on your performance and your input.  At Sports & Ortho every time you go there it is different. They focus on your weakness and give you well rounded treatment.

    I am very very happy to say that after 10+ years of chronic back problems that I am now running, lifting and I’m pain free. I am certain it is because of the awesome direction of Dahlia the owner. Also the therapists I’ve had- Caitlin and EK love their job. They love what they do for a living, and it shows in their work and their attitude. I can’t say enough good things about Sports Ortho. This place is a small business where you can get focused treatment by people that genuinely want you to get better. Highly recommended.”

    Jim A.

  • “Cash DeWitt is by far the best physical therapist you could wish for. Being an internist I’m aware of a medical personnel’s knowledge and how difficult it is to be outstanding in our current system. He and Kevin – a superb assistant – provide a welcoming friendly clean and inviting place to improve physical problems. Unlike others, Cash DeWitt does hands on, one to one therapy, with each and all of his patients. He is remarkably competent with advanced degree and training in movement – kinesiology. This one on one, generous non-rushed therapy sessions and some mini pain and clear homework instructions gets results. My highest recommendation, far better than other PT anywhere!!”

    Sheldon E.

  • “I would highly recommend Sports & Ortho to anyone in need of PT! The whole staff is so welcoming and accommodating. I was very impressed from the start. Cash gave a very thorough assessment during the first exam and he took the time to explain everything that was going on. From then on it was several weeks of therapy, where Cash did everything he could to improve my injury. He goes above and beyond! It’s a fun group of people in the office which makes for an enjoyable time during every session.”

    Rachel J

  • “Sports and Ortho has given wonderful care with kind and knowledgeable therapists. My therapist Travis was certainly very wonderful. Within 6 weeks, a very messed up foot became perfectly usable like it was before. I could not be happier with this quality care!”

    Luke M

  • “Cash and Kevin were amazing!  They always answered all of my questions, no matter how many times I asked. They were beyond patient with me. They both helped me gain confidence in my recovery in an encouraging and open environment. These guys and magical! This experience was life changing!”

    Justus R.

  • My experience with Cash was great. I’m still shocked on how much this guy knows. I train jiu jitsu all the time and had problems with my shoulder. After getting physical therapy with with Sports ortho I was able to get back to training thanks to Cash Dewitt. Also there were all kinds of age groups and people with different issues. He’ll pin point and custom your work outs for you so that you can get right back on track or what ever your goals might be.

    Paul P.

  • “Payal is an excellent PT and has such knowledge and dedication. I was very fortunate to have found her. Very professional at the same time, very personable! I would recommend her to everyone! Thanks Payal!”

    Seoun-Suk L.

  • “My experience at Sports & Ortho has been not only a successful experience but also a very inspirational one. Christy and her assistants not only showed me tools I needed in order to reach my recovery but they gave me confidence I needed to get there. For 3 months a few times a week with Christy and Touley her assistant, made me get over my fears and pushed me to believe in myself and continued to go above and beyong my expectations. They all were a great team and I felt positive energy every time I was  there. Christy Galardi was so precise and yet compassionate with her PT techniques.I cant recommend her enough!  In fact my husband is now a patient here. Thank you for moving me from crutches and afraid to jogging and running.”
    Claudette P.

  • “I was nervous returning to duty after my C-section and the staff reassured me and worked with me and made me make my goals. I would definitely refer friends, coworkers, and family to sports & ortho and Caitlin.”
    Jeanette M

  • When I started with Travis I was extremely limited in all aspects of walking, balance, and endurance. With his incomparable techniques, exercises, massages, and never ending support, My life has improved with strength and knowledge of great therapy and exercises. Thank you Travis for your skill, patience, and knowledge. P.S. he’s cute too!

    Recent Patient

  • Payal Korde was an excellent physical therapist who went above and beyond what I expected. Lisa at front desk was also wonderful.

    Margaret N.

  • Cash and the rest of the staff here are great! Very kind and welcoming and took a “whole body” approach that I appreciated. My neck and arm pain has gone from being a major hindrance to my life to being negligible. Thanks, guys!!

    Erika O.

  • I have been so pleased with the service I received at Sports and Ortho. I don’t usually do reviews, but that I thought I would write this one. About a year ago my knee starting hurting and I couldn’t even run a half mile without intense pain in my knee. After only 5 sessions we started to notice progress as I could go up to a mile without pain. By my 10th session, I was running 3 miles without any pain, which is more than I had been able to do for more than a year.

    They taught me some great stretches and strengthening exercises, which they really tailored to my current abilities and goals. Each day with them I received individual attention and truly enjoyed the time I got to spend with these wonderful people each day. You can tell that their job is more than just a job to them.

    Thanks Lindsay, Victoria, and Cash. (I’m looking forward to running a 5k with my fiancé in the near future!)

    Steven D.

  • I think they do a great job. I came here for help with posture and hip pain and got good results on both. Cash is an excellent physical therapist. He really listens and was very attentive to my needs and concerns. Eric and Brennan were also excellent. All 3 spent a lot of time with me and made sure I did the exercises properly. They were all truly interested in my improvement and cared about me as a person. It is a very pleasant and accommodating place. I went home with an exercise program (complete with photos) that I can do at home. I highly recommend this location to anyone in need of physical therapy.

    Stephanie Y.

  • I had attended Sport & Ortho for an injury screen evaluation regarding a hip injury, and while ultimately, I opted for a different provider closer to my office (thinking convenience is key!), I was thoroughly impressed with Cash. He invested more time in a screen than I thought possible, while revealing a sound level of expertise and genuine concern/interest in my injury and resolving it. Following the screen, I voiced concerns over potentially working with techs & the multiple-patient model (it’s never been a favorite business model of mine). Not only did Cash respond to my email immediately, but his response was again, like his screen, so unbelievably thorough and sincere. He was open to feedback and was so understanding when, after all these engagements, I went with a different provider (and I learned my lesson, convenience might not outweigh quality after all..). I hope I’m not injured again, but if so, I’d run(!) back to Cash!

    My husband, though, has seen Cash regularly following surgeries on both his rib and toe. Cash has not only provided relief and strength to those areas, he’s graciously worked to help my husband’s (unrelated) knee pain, believing in both a holistic approach as well as the reality that everyone should be able to run pain free. This sort of genuine care and interest – as well as passion his work – is deeply appreciated as a patient.

    Kelly F.

  • Only been here a few months, wasn’t expecting much as I hate meeting new people in this type of environment. However, I was surprisingly impressed. I came in with carpal tunnel syndrome, and shoulder issues, and i hardly feel the carpal tunnel in my wrists anymore. My shoulder, I am currently seeing Caitlyn who knows so much about treating my type of injury. She also does dry-needling which has helped a whole lot!!! The aides that help the therapists are so knowledgeable on the exercises which helps to condition at your best. I definitely feel like I am at the right place. Also, the hands on is the longest I’ve ever had, and I’ve been to three other places before this PT.

    Angelica G.

  • Last year, I injured my knee 6 weeks before the Chicago Marathon (also had NYC lined up after) and my doctor gave me the go to see a PT with no guarantee of whether I’ll be able to run pain free or finish either one of the marathons at all. A friend recommended Sports and Ortho and my only regret is not coming here sooner! The facility is clean, location is convenient and easy to find, and the staff–they’ve always been so above and beyond with everything. Cash DeWitt was my PT at the time–very knowledgeable and a running expert. I went in at least 2-3 times a week and followed every single advise and take home exercises. Not only did my knee got better, my running form improved as well. I was able to get thru both Chicago (with a new personal best) and NYC pain free. I’m sure they treat every athlete, but if you’re a runner, you won’t regret coming here.

    Hanna O.

  • Dahlia Fahmy (Sports and Ortho PT and Sports Medicine) is the best – 5 Stars! She is a professional who is very knowledgable and helped me with my back pain. She and her staff are up to date on all the different methods (manual manipulation, exercises that concentrated on my specific back pain, stretching) for controlling the pain. The facility has a qualified, friendly staff who also stepped in when needed. Each week I learn more exercises, how they help and the correct way to do them.

    I was so impressed with Dahlia and the way PT was done. So different than what I was expecting. I felt so much better and learned so much that I did 22 sessions with her last year. I’m back again this year for some help with a new pain and again have learned so much more. If I had my way, I would see her twice a week, every week. I highly recommend Dahlia you will not be disappointed.

    Charmaine L.

  • I’ve been coming to this location to see the physical therapist, Cash, for knee pain from running. Cash has done an amazing job helping me rid my knees of the pain I’ve had, and he does so with a smile on his face and an eagerness to get me back on my feet.

    Not only is he great to work with and extremely knowledgeable, but he is able to efficiently have multiple patients with appointments at once, and still give everyone the proper attention that is needed.

    I highly recommend visiting this location for a screening, and definitely will continue to come to Cash in the future if need be.

    Bailey L.