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Patient Testimonials

  • When I started with Travis I was extremely limited in all aspects of walking, balance, and endurance. With his incomparable techniques, exercises, massages, and never ending support, My life has improved with strength and knowledge of great therapy and exercises. Thank you Travis for your skill, patience, and knowledge. P.S. he’s cute too!

    Recent Patient

  • Payal Korde was an excellent physical therapist who went above and beyond what I expected. Lisa at front desk was also wonderful.

    Margaret N.

  • Cash and the rest of the staff here are great! Very kind and welcoming and took a “whole body” approach that I appreciated. My neck and arm pain has gone from being a major hindrance to my life to being negligible. Thanks, guys!!

    Erika O.

  • I have been so pleased with the service I received at Sports and Ortho. I don’t usually do reviews, but that I thought I would write this one. About a year ago my knee starting hurting and I couldn’t even run a half mile without intense pain in my knee. After only 5 sessions we started to notice progress as I could go up to a mile without pain. By my 10th session, I was running 3 miles without any pain, which is more than I had been able to do for more than a year.

    They taught me some great stretches and strengthening exercises, which they really tailored to my current abilities and goals. Each day with them I received individual attention and truly enjoyed the time I got to spend with these wonderful people each day. You can tell that their job is more than just a job to them.

    Thanks Lindsay, Victoria, and Cash. (I’m looking forward to running a 5k with my fiancé in the near future!)

    Steven D.

  • I think they do a great job. I came here for help with posture and hip pain and got good results on both. Cash is an excellent physical therapist. He really listens and was very attentive to my needs and concerns. Eric and Brennan were also excellent. All 3 spent a lot of time with me and made sure I did the exercises properly. They were all truly interested in my improvement and cared about me as a person. It is a very pleasant and accommodating place. I went home with an exercise program (complete with photos) that I can do at home. I highly recommend this location to anyone in need of physical therapy.

    Stephanie Y.

  • I had attended Sport & Ortho for an injury screen evaluation regarding a hip injury, and while ultimately, I opted for a different provider closer to my office (thinking convenience is key!), I was thoroughly impressed with Cash. He invested more time in a screen than I thought possible, while revealing a sound level of expertise and genuine concern/interest in my injury and resolving it. Following the screen, I voiced concerns over potentially working with techs & the multiple-patient model (it’s never been a favorite business model of mine). Not only did Cash respond to my email immediately, but his response was again, like his screen, so unbelievably thorough and sincere. He was open to feedback and was so understanding when, after all these engagements, I went with a different provider (and I learned my lesson, convenience might not outweigh quality after all..). I hope I’m not injured again, but if so, I’d run(!) back to Cash!

    My husband, though, has seen Cash regularly following surgeries on both his rib and toe. Cash has not only provided relief and strength to those areas, he’s graciously worked to help my husband’s (unrelated) knee pain, believing in both a holistic approach as well as the reality that everyone should be able to run pain free. This sort of genuine care and interest – as well as passion his work – is deeply appreciated as a patient.

    Kelly F.

  • Only been here a few months, wasn’t expecting much as I hate meeting new people in this type of environment. However, I was surprisingly impressed. I came in with carpal tunnel syndrome, and shoulder issues, and i hardly feel the carpal tunnel in my wrists anymore. My shoulder, I am currently seeing Caitlyn who knows so much about treating my type of injury. She also does dry-needling which has helped a whole lot!!! The aides that help the therapists are so knowledgeable on the exercises which helps to condition at your best. I definitely feel like I am at the right place. Also, the hands on is the longest I’ve ever had, and I’ve been to three other places before this PT.

    Angelica G.

  • Last year, I injured my knee 6 weeks before the Chicago Marathon (also had NYC lined up after) and my doctor gave me the go to see a PT with no guarantee of whether I’ll be able to run pain free or finish either one of the marathons at all. A friend recommended Sports and Ortho and my only regret is not coming here sooner! The facility is clean, location is convenient and easy to find, and the staff–they’ve always been so above and beyond with everything. Cash DeWitt was my PT at the time–very knowledgeable and a running expert. I went in at least 2-3 times a week and followed every single advise and take home exercises. Not only did my knee got better, my running form improved as well. I was able to get thru both Chicago (with a new personal best) and NYC pain free. I’m sure they treat every athlete, but if you’re a runner, you won’t regret coming here.

    Hanna O.

  • Dahlia Fahmy (Sports and Ortho PT and Sports Medicine) is the best – 5 Stars! She is a professional who is very knowledgable and helped me with my back pain. She and her staff are up to date on all the different methods (manual manipulation, exercises that concentrated on my specific back pain, stretching) for controlling the pain. The facility has a qualified, friendly staff who also stepped in when needed. Each week I learn more exercises, how they help and the correct way to do them.

    I was so impressed with Dahlia and the way PT was done. So different than what I was expecting. I felt so much better and learned so much that I did 22 sessions with her last year. I’m back again this year for some help with a new pain and again have learned so much more. If I had my way, I would see her twice a week, every week. I highly recommend Dahlia you will not be disappointed.

    Charmaine L.

  • I’ve been coming to this location to see the physical therapist, Cash, for knee pain from running. Cash has done an amazing job helping me rid my knees of the pain I’ve had, and he does so with a smile on his face and an eagerness to get me back on my feet.

    Not only is he great to work with and extremely knowledgeable, but he is able to efficiently have multiple patients with appointments at once, and still give everyone the proper attention that is needed.

    I highly recommend visiting this location for a screening, and definitely will continue to come to Cash in the future if need be.

    Bailey L.

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