Post-Mastectomy Program Chicago & Glenview, IL

Post-Mastectomy Program

Because of their Post-Mastectomy Program, I choose Sports & Ortho for physical therapy to address my limited mobility and significant scarring. The professionalism, compassion and quality of care I received from Jessica Beyer and Dahlia Fahmy was fantastic! By utilizing the Graston Technique, manual therapy and functional exercises, the physical therapists helped me gain full range of motion and my scars are healing nicely. I highly recommend Sports and Ortho Physical Therapy because my needs were successfully addressed and I had a pleasant experience in the process. Tennis anyone?

Sports and Ortho provides a unique edge when it comes to post-mastectomy care. Oftentimes following mastectomy and/or reconstruction, patients may find it painful and difficult to move the arm on the affected side, limiting their ability to get back to day to day life as normal. This is due to post-operative scar tissue and/or lymphededema, in the majority of cases. The Graston Technique® is a specialized system of soft tissue mobilization that effectively breaks down scar tissue and reduces inflammation, both of which directly contribute to a patients pain and mobility restrictions. Utilizing the Graston Technique®, your physical therapist can more effectively and efficiently restore a patients proper shoulder girdle mobility to help them get back to what they love to do without pain and discomfort. An added benefit of the Graston treatment is a notable improvement in the cosmesis of the scar, as well as the mobility of the breast tissue, the effects of which are so remarkable that patients are referred by plastic surgeons solely for this purpose. There are trained providers at each and every one of the clinic locations.

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