Category: Elbow/Wrist/Hand

Tom D.

Aug20th 2019

I came to Sports and Ortho with very little use of my right arm due to a broken clavicle. After going over various stretches and weight training with Olivia and help from Stacey, Tim, Pam, and Travis, I feel like I have full use of my right arm after 4 weeks of therapy.

Robin M.

Jul24th 2019

I reached out to Pam D for a physical therapy reference. She directed me to the Beverly facility. I presented with pain under my left arm that radiated into my left tricep.

Lorna S.

Jul2nd 2019

My experience at Sports and Ortho was totally awesome. Travis and Dana were very thorough in the questions they asked and the physical assessments. The thumb massage brought it back to normal function without all the previous pain.