Category: Massage

Lorna S.

Jul2nd 2019

My experience at Sports and Ortho was totally awesome. Travis and Dana were very thorough in the questions they asked and the physical assessments. The thumb massage brought it back to normal function without all the previous pain.

Joseph D.

May21st 2019

Before I came to Sports and Ortho, I had pain in my left shoulder and numbness in my arm. I am a painter/engineer, and I was not able to do my job without pain or numbness. Thanks to Lauren and her team Stacy, Tim and Pam for showing me proper way to stretch - it makes a huge difference when you're doing them the right way.

Jim A.

May11th 2018

"Wow! What a great place. I've been to 2 different Physical Therapists before I found Sports Ortho and the experiences were all very very different. At Sports Ortho you really get the bang for your buck. Each session is 2 hours long.