Category: Shoulder

Joseph D.

May21st 2019

Before I came to Sports and Ortho, I had pain in my left shoulder and numbness in my arm. I am a painter/engineer, and I was not able to do my job without pain or numbness. Thanks to Lauren and her team Stacy, Tim and Pam for showing me proper way to stretch - it makes a huge difference when you're doing them the right way.

Paul P.

May2nd 2018

My experience with Cash was great. I'm still shocked on how much this guy knows. I train jiu jitsu all the time and had problems with my shoulder.

Angelica G.

Jan18th 2018

Only been here a few months, wasn't expecting much as I hate meeting new people in this type of environment. However, I was surprisingly impressed. I came in with carpal tunnel syndrome, and shoulder issues, and i hardly feel the carpal tunnel in my wrists anymore.