Kelly F.

Jan18th 2018

I had attended Sport & Ortho for an injury screen evaluation regarding a hip injury, and while ultimately, I opted for a different provider closer to my office (thinking convenience is key!), I was thoroughly impressed with Cash. He invested more time in a screen than I thought possible, while revealing a sound level of expertise and genuine concern/interest in my injury and resolving it. Following the screen, I voiced concerns over potentially working with techs & the multiple-patient model (it’s never been a favorite business model of mine). Not only did Cash respond to my email immediately, but his response was again, like his screen, so unbelievably thorough and sincere. He was open to feedback and was so understanding when, after all these engagements, I went with a different provider (and I learned my lesson, convenience might not outweigh quality after all..). I hope I’m not injured again, but if so, I’d run(!) back to Cash!

My husband, though, has seen Cash regularly following surgeries on both his rib and toe. Cash has not only provided relief and strength to those areas, he’s graciously worked to help my husband’s (unrelated) knee pain, believing in both a holistic approach as well as the reality that everyone should be able to run pain free. This sort of genuine care and interest – as well as passion his work – is deeply appreciated as a patient.