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Soccer Rehab

Our soccer rehab program focuses on injury prevention, rehabilitation and performance so that soccer athletes can have a long, healthy, and fun career.

We know that girls’ soccer has the highest ACL injury rate of all sports and nearly three-quarters of anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries are noncontact injuries. Female athletes have been reported to sustain non-contact ACL injuries at a rate two- to eightfold greater than their male counterparts. Most of these injuries occur during cutting, and landing following a jump so our soccer program is focused on improving the power and efficiency of the athlete during these activities by enhancing foot, ankle, and hip mobility and strength/power with changing direction.

Furthermore, we put the athletes in positions to succeed by initially giving their ACL the best biomechanical advantage possible and then gradually train them to continue through cutting motions without optimal mechanics so that when they get on the field they can handle cutting, jumping, and hopping in any situation. Our program is currently being utilized by both KICS United FC and Chicago City Soccer Club.

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