Category: Post-Surgical

Nevels K.

Mar25th 2020

After hip replacement surgery, I went to Sports and Ortho for Physical therapy. I must say the staff worked me hard, but they did a great job in assisting me back to normal day to day living. Still unable to run or tie my shoe yet, but that takes a little more time.

Ray R.

Jan31st 2020

Starting therapy I wasn't able to extend my left arm straight or reach my left arm behind my back. Had left elbow and shoulder surgery. Now I have full range of motion thanks to Travis, Christy, Dana, CJ, Pam, Lauren and Tim. Staff was excellent, and I can see why medical recommended this ortho office.

Margaret M.

Sep12th 2019

Knee replacement - I can now walk again! Staff was very kind and efficient. Pam kept our spirits up while being strict. Lauren was very nice and encouraging.