Steven D.

Jan18th 2018

I have been so pleased with the service I received at Sports and Ortho. I don’t usually do reviews, but that I thought I would write this one. About a year ago my knee starting hurting and I couldn’t even run a half mile without intense pain in my knee. After only 5 sessions we started to notice progress as I could go up to a mile without pain. By my 10th session, I was running 3 miles without any pain, which is more than I had been able to do for more than a year.

They taught me some great stretches and strengthening exercises, which they really tailored to my current abilities and goals. Each day with them I received individual attention and truly enjoyed the time I got to spend with these wonderful people each day. You can tell that their job is more than just a job to them.

Thanks Lindsay, Victoria, and Cash. (I’m looking forward to running a 5k with my fiancé in the near future!)