Category: Foot/Ankle

Andrea B.

Jul12th 2019

Prior to coming to Sports and Ortho, I walked with a limp because of the Achilles tendonitis. I had swelling that reduced a lot, and I could walk and stretch much better after therapy. My limping has stopped.

Antoinette J.

Jul11th 2019

I came in on my own with an Achilles issue, suspected tendonitis. Id been doing home self care and come to a point where nothing was improving. Lauren has helped bring me back to a point where I can walk with little to no discomfort, which is a huge improvement.

Pickens W.

Jun21st 2019

I came to the Sports and Ortho on 109th and Western after an on duty accident that left me with a sprained ankle. Before coming, I could not walk on the heel of my left foot and could not stand the pressure of any shoe on that foot.